Lot 64: Zang Toi Mink-Trimmed Wrap

Evening Wrap$9,000 Value

When a woman wears Zang Toi, you do not need to look at the label. You know it is Zang Toi. From New York Fashion Week to Nashville’s Gus Mayer, Toi’s collections are about sophistication and bold statement. Manifest your inner glam on the outside and experience the height of luxury with this exquisite black handloomed cardigan wrap with Denmark Royal Saga mink trim of extremely high quality. Relish in the long lines and refined draping. After all, when a woman wears Zang Toi to a gala, she does not just go to the gala, she arrives at the gala.

DETAILS: Item will be at the Auction Party on May 16. Non-exchangeable. Non-refundable.