Lot 63: Michael Shane Neal Commissioned Portrait

Head and Shoulders Portrait on Oil Canvas$25,000 Value

Join the likes of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, Senators Arthur Vandenberg and Arlen Specter, and actor Morgan Freeman and enjoy an extraordinary experience as you have your portrait painted by the world-renowned artist, Michael Shane Neal!

Michael Shane Neal is among the most sought after commissioned portrait artists in America today. Neal’s unique, sensitive and insightful paintings display a commitment to portraying the character and personality of his subjects as well as their outer likeness. A protégé of America’s most celebrated figurative and portrait painter, Evertt Raymond Kinstler, Neal is among the youngest artists ever to be commissioned by the United States Senate. Neal enthusiastically shares his excitement for interpreting his clients on canvas in a traditional yet evocative style.

Do not miss this amazing opportunity to have Michael Shane Neal capture the beauty of you or your loved one in the classically elegant and timeless art form of portraiture.

DETAILS: Head and shoulders oil portrait on canvas. Sitting must take place within 12 months of winning bid. michaelshaneneal.com