Grace Awh, Katie Crumbo, and Elizabeth Papel

Auction Chairs

We want to thank our tremendous Swan Ball Auction Committee members, donors, and our Ball Chairs, Anne and Jane Anne, for their support and generosity over the past year planning the Swan Ball 2020 Auction.

We are deeply grateful for the time, effort, and dedication of so many to the Swan Ball 2020 Auction.  We have gained invaluable friendships from working together and have witnessed the incredible generosity of the Nashville community and beyond.  These are unsettling times, but we look forward to the Swan Ball Auction resuming in 2021—stronger than before.

It has been an honor to volunteer alongside each of our Committee members in our shared goal of supporting our wonderful Nashville community and Cheekwood Estate & Gardens.

With love and gratitude,

Grace Awh, Katie Crumbo, and Elizabeth Papel
Swan Ball 2020 Auction Co-Chairs

Thank you to our tremendous Swan Ball Auction Committee members, and Travel Professionals for their support and generosity over the past year planning the Swan Ball 2020 Auction


2020 Auction Committee

Mrs. Dave Almon Alexander 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawson Coffee Allen 

Mrs. Michael W. Apperson 

Dr. Carl Cholin Awh 

Mrs. John Sexton Atkins 

Mrs. James Frederick Baxter, Jr.    

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Warren Beckham 

Mr. James R. Berkeley and  Ms. Mara Papatheordou 

Mrs. Douglas Guthrie Bradbury III   

Mrs. Douglas Begg Chope 

Mr. Kevin William Crumbo 

Mrs. Richard Cummins, Jr. 

Ms. Betty Jo Currie     

Mr. and Mrs. David Curtis 

Mr. Allen DeCuyper and Mr. Steve Sirls 

Mrs. David Alan Dingess 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert John DiPiero 

Mr. Michael Stephen Dixon 

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Berkson Dretler 

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Nathaniel Dyke 

Mrs. Bryan Essary 

Ms. Sara Jane Finley 

Ms. Eloise Foley 

Mrs. Keith David Frazier 

Mrs. Clifford Louis Garrard III 

Mr. Max Rapoport Goldberg 

Mrs. Stanley Eugene Graham 

Mrs. R. Parker Griffith III  

Mrs. Robert Galen Haley 

Mrs. Andrew Hall 

Mrs. Lawrence B. Hammet                               

Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Frederick Horne 

Ms. Gloria Farrell Houghland    

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Edmund Humphreys  

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Robert Huseby 

Mr. Orrin Henry Ingram III 

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Inman 

Mrs. Mark Eric Isaacs 

Mrs. Boyd Gaines Jacoway, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Scott Kendall 

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Kyriopoulos 

Mrs. Cregan James Laborde 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Louis Lamp 

Mr. Richard Allen Maradik, Jr.  

Ms. Jody M. Mattison 

Ms. Kellie Hunter McDowell   

Mr. and Mrs. David Kenneth Morgan 

Mr. Michael Shane Neal 

Mrs. Charles Ralls Niewold 

Mrs. William Norton 

Mr. Laurence Mitchell Papel 

Mrs. Anthony Denis Pie 

Dr. Robert Dale Pilkinton, Jr. 

Mrs. Edward Hannay Lyon Playfair 

Mr. and Mrs. David Reynolds Puryear 

Mrs. Gustavus Adolphus Puryear IV 

Mrs. Elwyn Carlos Raymer 

Mrs. John Alston Riddick    

Ms. Susan Lee Robinson 

Mrs. David Christopher Rogers 

Mr. and Mrs. John Joseph Sangervasi 

Mr. and Mrs. James Congdon Seabury III 

Mrs. Steven B. Shankle 

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Wayne Shields 

Mrs. Joseph Sowell III 

Ms. Sarah Sperling and Mr. Kyle David Young 

Mr. and Mrs. T. Stephen Cameron Taylor      

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Thacker 

Mrs. DeWitt Clinton Thompson V 

Mrs. John Powell Glover Thompson 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert David Todd 

Mrs. Daniel Breck Walker 

Mr. and Mrs. William Ridley Wills III

Travel Professionals

Jim Berkeley, Destinations & Adventures 

Teresa Chope, BOOST Journeys 

Betty Jo Currie, Currie & Co. Travels Unlimited 

Eloise Foley, Eloise Travel

Jennifer Martin and Leslie Horn, Nashville Luxury Travel 

Betsy Pie, Betsy Pie International Communications 

Carrie Playfair and Leigh Rogers, EverGo, LLC  

Michael Dixon and Linda Raymer, Travelink American Express

Courtney Keller and Pam Keller, Travel Stars